On-going branding project for the Jugendphilharmonie, a symphonic youth orchestra comprised of awarded young musicians attending the various public music schools of the district of Ludwigsburg in the southern part of Germany, that started with a visual redesign in 2012.
The visual identity is comprised of a series of core elements that ensure the recognizability of the design. The logotype tries to establish a classic, yet modern, understated, yet elegant atmosphere – drawing its strengths from the playful yet bold letter shapes from Font Bureau’s Farnham. Inspired by the orchestras stage performance, the design is kept in white, gold and black. Illustrative elements (silhouettes of falling instruments in the upper right corner) complement the arsenal of graphic elements.
The photography is kept in black and white, reflecting the bold appearance of the typographic and illustrative elements.
The orchestra hosts one to two concerts a year. For the 15th anniversary, “The Planets” by Gustav Holst were performed with great success before the orchestra attended the “Florence Youth Festival” in Juli 2016 for the second time with concerts in Bologna, Florence, Prato and Montecatini, Italy.

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