Breathe is an experimental short film inspired by a personal journey unfolding through a series of abstract and poetic sequences. The film aims to capture the emotional landscape of resilience and inner resolve through pausing, breathing, and reconnecting with one's sense of self. It juxtaposes the overwhelming abundance of choice in creativity with moments of stillness, encouraging viewers to find balance amidst chaos and to appreciate the power of a simple breath in reclaiming inner harmony.
The project was realized in preparation for OFFF 2024 and is designed as a collection of scene files to ease the start for those diving into Houdini.

The scene files for all the shots will be made available for download on

April 2024
One of the project's definite highlights was the focus on sound design, crafting a sonic landscape that immerses the visuals in a world that evokes a sense of wonder and introspection. The careful blend of ambient sounds and evocative resonances creates a rich auditory experience that complements the film's visual storytelling.
The presentation at the Houdini HIVE at OFFF 2024 Barcelona showed how to set up a quick render in Houdini using Redshift, making use of Greyscalegorilla's extensive asset library, and shows the development process for the accompanying short film:

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