Global sportswear brand ASICS invited UK creative studio BAKED to communicate three different footwear technologies.

First in the series was the ASICSGRIP technology featured in the ASICS Trabuco MAX, a trail running shoe built for grip. A sundew plant was chosen to visually symbolize the concept of traction amongst wet and slippery conditions.
Client — ASICS

Studio — Baked Creative
Director — Andy Hopper
Art Direction — Gareth Sanger

Animation — Andy Hopper
FX TD — Bastian J. Schiffer
3D Scanning — FBFX

Edit & Sound — Callum Earnshaw

January 2021.
Lighting, shading and rendering was beautifully done by Andy Hopper at BAKED. My main task was developing the sundew plant with its sticky tendrils plus additional effects such as spider webs, droplets and the deforming surface the plant was clinging to.
Part of the setup can be seen in our talk for SideFX at FMX 2022:
Final product film:
Find more details about the project in BAKED’s full case study and more information about the product on ASICS’s product page.

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